The SEArcularMINE consortium celebrated a significant milestone with their third review meeting, highlighting substantial progress and achievements in the ambitious project.  The presentation of the project work up to this point proved to be successful, with reviewers happy with the results and efforts of project partners.

Following initial presentations, a standout moment was the presentation of the pilot plant, where the innovative technologies of SEArcularMINE were integrated into a cohesive system. Project partners were also treated to a captivating visit to the Trapani and Paceco saltworks and natural reserve, further immersing them in the project's objectives and surroundings.

Later that night, a pre-event welcome dinner set the stage for the much-anticipated SEArcularMINE Final Event. This gathering provided an ideal platform for project partners and participants to forge connections, exchange ideas, and savor the delectable flavors of local Sicilian cuisine. The social dinner fostered collaboration and camaraderie, reinforcing the spirit of teamwork driving the SEArcularMINE project forward.

Heartfelt gratitude was extended to partners at SOSALT, the University of Palermo, and ResourSEAs for their dedication and contributions in orchestrating the memorable day. As SEArcularMINE continues into the final months of the project, the collective efforts of its partners shows immense promise in achieving the goals they set out four years ago.