After the successful testing phase in Palermo at UNIPA premises with real bitterns from Trapani saltworks, the SEArcularMINE integrated pilot plant was disassembled and shipped to Trapani. This was a demanding step of the project. Both the UNIPA and ResourSEAs teams worked for a full week to carefully disassemble the pilot and move all its parts into two 40ft long trucks for transport. 

To everyone’s excitement, the pilot plant components arrived from Palermo to Trapani at the site of the project partners ResourSEAs who will host the pilot plant testing phase. Now the individual units are recommissioned, and the full pilot will be tested under industrially relevant conditions. 

A new challenge is now starting for the SEArcularMINE team, who are optimistic about achieving pilot operation in early May, in time for the pilot plant visit as part of our final event: SEArcularMINE Final Event.