Project Co-Ordinator Prof. Andrea Cipollina was delighted to deliver a presentation about the SEArcularMINE project at this year’s annual EUSalt Conference 2023.

EUsalt is the association of European and global crystallised salt producers whose members are key industrial users for the results emerging from the SEArcularMINE project.  On 5-8th of June, more than 100 salt experts and industry leaders from member companies and external participants gathered in Marseille (FR).

‘Raising awareness about the salt sector and its long term, ‎constant presence in our everyday life is becoming ‎more and more necessary. ‎This exceptional event, set in the Mediterranean bay of Marseille, is a special opportunity to connect and discuss the future of our industry’

Urs Hofmeier, EUsalt President. 

The EUsalt conference is an annual gathering to facilitate discussion around sector-specific topical issues such as innovation, energy, food and feed.‎ Speakers from academia and industry‎, presented their projects and research all linked to the salt industry and its potential for consumers and producers in different fields. 


One of the highlights of the 2023 EUsalt conference was the newly launched EUsalt Innovation Award which aims at showcasing and rewarding EUsalt members that show excellence around innovation at work. Prof. Giacomo D'Ali Staiti, President of SOSALT (and SEArcularMINE project partner) nominated SEArcularMINE for the Innovation award.  The SEArcularMINE project was voted top place by the conference audience and placed second overall.