The SEArcularMINE project, and EU mission to boost non-conventional mining of critical raw materials, will reach Asian and global audiences as a short documentary about the work of SEArcularMINE will be soon broadcast on China Global Television Network (CGTN) channels.

The CGTN team visited UNIPA laboratories in Palermo, Sicily interviewing Andrea Cipollina, Project Co-ordinator, as well as Giuseppe Battaglia and Antonella Filingeri, two senior UNIPA researchers.  The UNIPA team presented SEArcularMINE project activities to innovate sustainable and circular, environmentally sensitive processes to recover important minerals from seawater - specifically working with super-concentrated brines, an end-product from evaporative sea salt production. 

The video highlights SEArcularMINE innovative technologies such as Electrodialysis with Bi-polar Membranes (EDBM) processes in development to produce acid and alkaline reagents for mineral extraction in a circular and sustainable closed-loop system, minimising the overall environmental impact of mineral extraction.

The video also showcases the first-generation reactor for magnesium crystallisation operating at UNIPA premises, which can produce up to 40 tonnes of Magnesium Hydroxide per year.  

The video is in Italian, auto-translate subtitles are available.