SEArcularMINE project partners have made great progress with characterising bitterns from 18 saltworks located in 7 countries in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Atlantic Ocean.  This task has been led by ResourSEAs, but all partners have participated in reaching out to solar Saltworks around Europe, securing agreement to investigate the chemical composition of the super-concentrated seawater brines which remain after sea salt has been crystallised in solar evaporation ponds.  We’re delighted to inform you that we’ve exceeded our KPI of 12 saltworks and hope to have characterized the bittern from over 27 saltworks by the end of our sampling campaign in 2023.  Highlighting the quality and quantity of this resource in the Mediterranean area, these results are anticipated to assist the knowledge and innovation being developed inside the project to move along the pathway towards technological uptake by industrial stakeholders, increasing the potential of this research to benefit business, society and the environment.