A large gathering of SEArcularMINE partners were delighted to participate and contribute to this year’s EDS 2022 conference in Gran Canaria.   

Activities commenced with a dedicated all-day Ocean Brine Mining pre-Conference Workshop, where SEArcularMINE Co-Ordinator Andrea Cipollina presented an overview of the SEArcularMINE concept.

During the main conference Andrea Cipollina (UNIPA) and Michael Papapetrou (ERINN), chaired the Seawater and Industrial Brine Mining session, where a number of SEArcularMINE project partners presented SEArcularMINE results; Joao Crespo (iBET), Fabrizio Vicari (RES), Giuseppe Battaglia (UNIPA), Antonella Filingeri (UNIPA).

SEArcularMINE partners were also busy over the 3 day conference with session chair responsibilities; Andrea Cipollina (UNIPA) Electrodialysis Session, Giorgio Micale (UNIPA) Pre-/Post-Treatment Session, Joao Crespo (iBET) Recovery of Minerals and Metals Session.

Also participating at the conference were SEArcularMINE partners Delia Pastorelli (SUEZ), Marc Fernandez de Labastida (UPC), Ahmed Hannachi (ENIG) and Tara Murphy (ERINN). 

Huge congratulations to Giuseppe Battaglia (UNIPA) for winning the award for Best Poster -
A novel 2D process model of electrodialysis units in cross-flow layout for the assessment of membrane deformation effects

Over the course of the conference, we also enjoyed presentations from other H2020 projects WATER-MINING, REWAISE and sister project SEA4VALUE.