SEArcularMINE was delighted to participate in the first episode of the second series of LOOPs.

LOOPS is a live webinar series organised by Veltha, an International Research Association, committed to spotlighting innovation in the field of circular economy.

Loops was launched with the aim of showcasing the innovative projects that have grown from Horizon 2020. Many of these aim at tackling the current challenges hampering a more sustainable and circular use of resources, in order to accelerate Europe’s transition to a greener and better society.

For this episode of Loops we wanted to dive into the world of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs), in light of an ever-growing need for them and the increasingly urgent need of innovative circular projects to secure this demand.

Dr Andrea Cipollina the co-ordinator of SEArcularMine and Dr. Patricia Córdoba Sola co-ordinator of RECOPPs were invited to participate to represent two Horizon 2020 projects doing inspiring work in the recovery of Critical Raw Materials. Both projects work on the recovery of different CRMs with innovative methods but with the same goal of a sustainable future.

As the world advances with technology and development, the demand for CRMs is increasing. So, what is currently happening at the high floors of innovation to tackle the precarious amount of these valuable resources? Come with us to discover two outstanding projects that have identified a common solution: a circular economy approach.

Both projects are doing inspiring work in the area of Critical Raw Materials. The classical model of take-make-dispose has been seen to not be the solution to the challenges we’re facing but the concept of circular economy appears to signal a way out. Raw materials play a big role in the contribution to waste and pollution but when raw materials are recycled and reused a change for the better can be seen.