SEArcularMINE partners UNIPA have made good progress in their research on crystallization (part of WP3). Focusing on crystallization of Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH)2), the team has successfully applied a novel colorimetric technique to infer the crystallization kinetics of the compound. These data provide fundamental insights that can be applied to the design of novel Magnesium crystallisers.

Working together with the Politecnico Torino team, who are focusing on modelling activities as WP7, the partners are developing a promising modelling tool that can be used to both simulate the crystallization process and to help design an optimized reactor that will enable better control of product quality.

An experimental rate of 99% recovery of Mg(OH)2 from artificial brines has already been achieved! The next steps are to analyse the Mg(OH)2 crystals/particles that have been recovered from the process to investigate their quality and properties. Follow SEArcularMINE for the latest updates!