Within Task 6.2, the UNIPA and UPC team have been exploring the recovery of additional minerals from exhausted bittern solutions from saltworks using Electrodialysis with Bipolar Membranes (EDBM) technology. The teams have been creating synthetic bitterns: observing the performance of the EDBM across different operating conditions, along with different bittern compositions and concentrations. Observations have shown that the process can be used flexibly across different bittern conditions. This is positive news for our innovative circular technological process, and it suggests that it could be applicable across geographical locations.


The UNIPA and UPC teams are working in synergistic cooperation in order to initially assess the reliability of the experimental procedure by running similar experimental set-ups in parallel. Following this, an exciting experimental campaign has been planned by the two teams for evaluating the EDBM performance under a wide range of operating and design conditions. This will ultimately provide novel and fundamental insights regarding this promising application.