The SEArcularMINE consortium includes 12 partner organisations from universities, research institutes, SMEs and multinationals from 9 countries across Europe and the wider Mediterranean basin.

In celebration of International Women in Science Day, we are proud to recognize the talented women who are applying their skills to the SEArcularMINE project.

Their expertise includes Chemistry: Dr Rosa M. Huertas (iBET), Rita Lo Brutto (UNIPA); Chemical Engineering: Prof. Francesca Scargiali (UNIPA), Dr Serena Randazoo (UNIPA), Antonella Filingeri (UNIPA), Rosa Gueccia (UNIA); Process Engineering: Delia Pastorelli (TI SUEZ), Sabrine Chamam (ENIG); Environmental Engineering: Dr Ozge Yilmaz (Ekodenge) and Radiochemistry: Dr Anumaija Leskinen (VTT).

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