The SEArcularMINE Advisory Board forms a key element of the project’s strategy to ensure that technologies developed are of sufficient benefit to the target end-users to encourage their implementation.

Expert representatives of key end-users (Pharma- and Nutraceutical, polymers & materials, energy storage & electronic industries, etc.) provide the project with feedback and input regarding the approach to research and the characteristics of the technology developed. This valuable advice will help SEArcularMINE outputs reach the market faster and ensure that the recovered materials fit the requirements of the target end-users.

The first SEArcularMINE Advisory Board meeting was held on 8 July 2020 via video conference. Participants included SEArcularMINE project partners and Advisory Board Members representing a range of industries and experience.

The SEArcularMINE project team is grateful to our Board members for their expert advice and guidance. We look forward to working with the Board throughout the project to ensure that we are developing valuable, impactful outputs that will be relevant for the wider research and industry community
Andrea Cipollina - Project Co-ordinator